LACECO, Architects & Engineers was founded in 1988 in Beirut as a multi-disciplinary consultancy firm, at a time when Lebanon was embarking on a major reconstruction phase.

Through the design of some of the country's major projects and landmarks, LACECO has matured into one of the country's most prominent Architectural and Engineering firms. Over the last few years, the firm has diversified its involvement by entering the regional market in prestigious projects: offering remarkable architectural, urban planning and integrated consultancy services, LACECO has established a significant presence in the Middle East and North Africa.

This experience has continuously evolved through the design of numerous large scale projects within complex contexts, a practice ranging from defining strategies of developments for various real estates and urban planning of entire city districts to designing mixed use projects and resorts, residential development, major educational institutions, sport facilities, hotels and commercial buildings.

A particular attention is placed on the environment and infrastructure sector, including waste management, water supply, roads and drainage networks.

LACECO's clients include governmental institutions, municipalities, private developers, international agencies and commercial enterprises; this allowed the firm to acquire in-depth experience in the strategies of communication and managing the interface between clients and public authorities. Keen to answer each client's specific needs, LACECO offers specialized services such as feasibility studies, marketing documents and environmental impact studies.

What distinguishes LACECO in today's market in its approach are the design criteria it abides by:
• Definition of work strategies and methodologies tailored to each project
• Creative design in conceiving functional projects adapted to the client needs with a lasting distinctive and refined identity.
• Sustainable design as a standard practice through all disciplines
• Internal Quality Control, quality standards and assurance as per international codes and detailed review by international control bureaux
• Preparation and updating of cost estimates at all stages of the projects in order to control construction cost by a continuous value engineering process through design development
• Production of in-house images, animations and models

Through the years, LACECO established an internal outstanding team of around 250 professionals backed up by a network of very specialized consultants, all perfectly integrated and familiar with the work methodologies and philosophy of the Office and able to offer a multi-discipline range of in-house services:

• Urban and Regional Planning
• Urban Design and Landscape
• Architecture
• Interior Design
• Structural and Civil Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Roads, Highways, Transportation
• Environmental Engineering
• Quantity Surveying
• Project Management, Supervision and Construction Management